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1. Local District Foundations

The Foundation supports programs that aim to increase student achievement, recognize staff and teacher excellence, increase and strengthen business and community partnerships, and celebrate success in San Antonio ISD. The SAISD Foundation invests in Innovative Grants and New Teacher Grants.
The mission of the Foundation is to foster community involvement in innovative educational programs by generating and disbursing funds and other resources to provide enrichment for students of the Northside ISD.
Our purpose is to seek, cultivate and obtain revenues to develop and expand educational opportunities for the students of the North East ISD. 
Work collaboratively to build student leadership and character that will reflect the unique diversity of our Judson ISD community to support teachers and students for career and college readiness.
2. Region 20 Grant Evaluation Office - A fee based evaluation on current grant proposals.

Alex Dominguez 
(210) 370-5410

Jill Rhodes
(210) 370-5475

3. Petco Pets in the Classroom -
The Pet Care Trust
3465 Box Hill Corporate Center Drive, Suite H
Abingdon, MD 21009
p.443.640.1060 / f.443.640.1086 / info@petsintheclassroom.org

4. Captain Planet Foundation - http://captainplanetfoundation.org/apply-for-grants/
Our unique program of funding and supporting hands-on environmental projects is designed to encourage innovative initiatives that inspire and empower children and youth around the world as they work individually and collectively creating environmental solutions in their homes, schools and communities.

5. Fundforteachers.org - info@fundforteachers.org
Fund for Teachers enriches the personal and professional growth of teachers by recognizing and supporting them as they identify and pursue opportunities around the globe that will have the greatest impact on their practice, the academic lives of their students and on their school communities.

6. Lowe’s Grants for education: http://www.toolboxforeducation.com/
This year we are challenging ourselves to seek ways to provide the tools that help our educators and parent groups through today's challenging times efficiently, while providing the greatest impact, with basic necessities taking priority.

7. NEA Foundation: http://www.neafoundation.org/pages/grants-to-educators/
We support new ideas and practices to strengthen teaching and learning. Our goal is to fund and share successful strategies to educate and prepare students for bright and rewarding futures. We have learned that the best teaching methods come from our greatest assets: educators. Apply by October 15, 2014.

8. American Honda Foundation: http://corporate.honda.com/america/philanthropy.aspx?id=ahf
We support youth education with a specific focus on the STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects in addition to the environment. The AHF grants range from $20,000 - $75,000. Based on the grant’s guidelines, it would be best to approach this as a campus team.

9. EPA Environmental Education Model Grants Program http://www2.epa.gov/education/environmental-education-ee-grants
The purpose of the Environmental Education Model Grants Program is to provide money to support environmental education projects that increase the public's awareness about environmental issues and provide them with the skills to take responsible actions to protect the environment.

10.Toshiba America Foundation: http://www.toshiba.com/taf/612.jsp
Toshiba America Foundation accepts applications from teachers who are passionate about making science and mathematics more engaging for their students.

11. No Kid Hungry Foundation: http://www.nokidhungry.org/solution/community-investments
Share Our Strength awards grants to nonprofit organizations, schools, and other eligible organizations who are involved for the advocacy around anti-hunger issues.
Average Grant Size: $5,000 - $10,000.

12. Thank a Million Teachers Initiative:
We have designed two separate grant opportunities. One addresses the everyday classroom needs of teachers and the other is designed to affect schools and community at large.

13. Rackspace Gives Back - http://www.rackspace.com/information/events/rackgivesback/
Rack Gives Back supports the community with grants for arts and culture, especially as they relate to establishing a creative class of citizens; education, especially as it relates to STEM; and technology. We heavily focus our giving in San Antonio, Texas.

14. HEB Excellence in Teaching Award -
The H-E-B Excellence in Education Awards celebrate public school professionals whose leadership and dedication inspire a love of learning in students of all backgrounds and abilities.

15. Texas Medical Association - http://www.texmed.org/teachers/
Three Texas science teachers will receive $5,000 each! Their schools will receive a $2,000 award! Three additional science departments will receive $1,000 each for our second-place winners! Nominations for this award will be accepted through October 25, 2014

16. Texas Biomedical Research Institute (TBRI) - Science Education Awards
Sara McCamish : saramccamish@hotmail.com
Currently for high school teachers only

17. AdoptAClassroom.org -
110 North 5th Street, 10th Floor
Minneapolis, MN 55403
877-444-7666 (Toll Free)

18. SAWS Educational Mini Grants - http://www.saws.org/education/grants
Mini-Grant funds can be used for transportation reimbursement, admission costs, workshop costs and substitute teacher costs up to $1,000 per teacher, per calendar year.

19. Teacherscount.org- http://www.teacherscount.org/teacher/grants.shtml
Our mission is to raise the status of the teaching profession and provide resources to the education community.

20. 4TEACHERS.ORG - http://www.4teachers.org/profdev/index.php?profdevid=gnr
Several listings of grants available by state.

21. Texas A&M University, College Station, TX
Surplus property for sale. phone # 979-845-3427.
It's no longer free, but they put really CHEAP (Ridiculous cheap!) prices on things you want. Bring a letter head from your school showing you are a public teacher.

22. Awesome Foundation - www.awesomefoundation.org/en/chapters/sanantonio
The San Antonio, TX chapter of The Awesome Foundation orwards the interest of awesome $1,000 at a time. But what does this mean? We’re looking for ideas or projects that stand out from the crowd. Things that provoke awe and wonder within the community and bring it together.

23. Grants for Gardens - grants.kidsgardening.org
NGA’s grant and award programs are funded by generous corporations and foundations that share NGA's vision of a greener future and belief in the powerful impact gardening programs can have on the mental, physical, and psychological health of individuals.


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